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There is a time limit on when you may bring a lawsuit.

As soon as you are injured or suffer a loss, the clock starts running on how long you have to bring a lawsuit. Medical negligence claims must be brought within two years, wrongful death claims within three years and most other personal injury claims must be brought within five years. Other factors unique to your case may lengthen or shorten the time to bring a lawsuit so it is important to consult with an attorney early to learn how much time you have.

What remedies are available to you?

The courts cannot work miracles - they cannot heal wounds or bring back a lost loved one. The courts can award you money as compensation for your loss. When the loss is a personal injury, this generally includes the medical expenses (past and future), lost wages, pain and suffering and an amount for the lost quality of life should you, unfortunately, be suffering a permanent injury. When the loss is of a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation for the loss of the relationship with that person as well as the loss of financial support that person provided.

Resolving an injury dispute takes longer than you want it to.

Every legal dispute involves two parts: Liability and Damages. Liability is the issue of whether someone did something wrong that harmed another. Damages are the measure of the harm caused by what that person did. These two issues take time to investigate and analyze. Police reports may not be completed for several months or medical care may be on-going for just as long if not longer. Resolving an injury claim without filing a lawsuit may be completed in as few a several months while a lawsuit that goes to trial may not finish for several years. While it is cliché it is no less accurate: The wheels of justice turn slowly.

No fees if no recovery.

Litigation is an expensive process and can be cost prohibitive for most people if they have to pay an attorney by the hour. For that reason, I provide a free initial consultation and there are no further fees should I elect to review your case in depth. Most clients choose to be represented on a contingency basis meaning I receive no fee if we do not win the case . The other expenses of litigation such as medical reviews and hiring experts are also paid by the Law Office of Brian F. Reinhold, P.C. You only have to reimburse the office if there is an award or settlement in your favor.

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