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The Law Office of Brian F. Reinhold, P.C. is focused on addressing the needs of the injured and the survivors of a wrongful death - whether that loss arises from an automobile accident, medical malpractice, an unsafe walkway, defective product or from some other mechanism.

Hopefully you will never need my services but if you do, I am here to help.

Injury victims need to learn their rights early.

Being injured or suffering through the loss of a loved one's wrongful death because of another's actions is an emotionally taxing situation. The parties who caused your loss or injury will likely be pressing you for answers to questions that have legal ramifications without explaining to you what those ramifications may be. When insurance companies are involved, the natural inclination is to contact the insurance company adjuster to seek compensation. Doing so, without first having discussed your case with an attorney, can greatly reduce the compensation you may receive. Insurance adjusters, while not necessarily attorneys, are experienced advocates whose job it is to save their company money. They are biased in their evaluation of whose fault it was and will often downplay the extent of your injuries and press you to sign away your right to sue before the full extent of your injuries may be discovered. Damage to your property is relatively easy to assess, but your personal injuries are not as simple to value. Injuries may not arise for some time after the accident, and potential treatment could continue for months.

Furthermore, you are limited in time as to how long you can wait after you are injured to bring a lawsuit. Failing to bring a lawsuit within that time means you are forever barred from obtaining compensation for your injuries and losses.

Consulting with an attorney early in the process is an important step in educating yourself on your rights. If you need a lawyer, you should understand why, and what that will accomplish. However, many injury matters do not need the expertise of an attorney. During my free initial consultation, I regularly advise clients to refrain from hiring an attorney and instead provide them with a suggested course of action to seek compensation for their injuries.

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